Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week4 Reflection Term 1

What: Last week we went on the Waimarie. We went swimming in the swimming pool. We did breath stroke. We did what is a structure.

So What: We learnt about the Waimarie. It is 116 years old.

Now What: My goal was to get a more of my work done. I have achieved my goal because I did my work. My new goal  is to get my work done on time.


  1. Wow, this looks like fun. I wish I had finished my work and I could have come too. I forgot to bring my water gun for the water fight so I had to watch instead.

  2. That looks fun Mack. I wish that I could go on it. I did not do the water fight. I don't have a water gun. STINK.

  3. Wow I like the boat that you went on. I wish I could go on it.

  4. Hey Mack.I had fun on the Waimarie both times I went on it, did you?.