Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Reflection W5 T2

What: Last week we made a poppet about making a house.We had buddy's so we could help each other.We did technology. I am in Mrs Larsen's group. We painted our bench with hand prints. 

So What: I learnt  how to use a popplet.

Now What:My goal was to work faster and get my work done in the time set.  I have not achieved my goal because I did not get my work done on time.


  1. Nice work on your poppet about earth facts Mack.

  2. Hi Mack.That is a cool picture of a popplet about earth.I know that is just a picture. Did you also make a bench look better?That sounds so, so cool.I was there with you Mack is the bench black with red, green and blue hand prints on it?I bet you that it looks so, so cool Mack.Wow I hope that you can complete your work on time Mack.