Monday, April 10, 2017

Green Pastures

On Monday the 27 we ent to Green Pastures camp. When we first arrived at camp we had lunch then we unpacked and set up our beds. My cabin number was number three. The adults names were Pat, Barb, Tracey, Damian, Coz, Karl, Keelen, Rachelle, Miss Walker, Alan, Sheree, Liam, Miss McGinniss and Mr Palmer. My cabin leader was Pat and my day group leaders were Pat and Barb. My transport leader was Pat.
When it was time to do the mud run first the teachers got to choose three kids and my leader was Miss Walker. We had to walk down a step hill. It had a rope if we needed it but instead I slid down on my backside. It started off as a mud track and then we came a long a mud pond. It was thin so it was not hard to get through then I got back on the track. There was another little pond but this time we had to go over a log. Then there was another mud pit but at the end of the mud pit the mud got really thick and it took a long time to get as out.


  1. Wow! what a cool story and photo but you are a mess!!!

  2. Hi, I like how you are all muddy.Good job on making a mess. I like your class picture.