Friday, March 9, 2018

Writing Experince T1 W6

Title: Invisible Marble
I think the marble is just going to float and stay in the same place in the
middle of the cup and then it will sink.
Water, a cup, marble made of special plastic
1st Get your cup.
2nd Fill the cup with water.
3rd Get the marble and put it in the cup.
4th Wait.
1st The marble sunk and just stayed there and made an air bubble then
started dissolving.
2nd The marble collected the water and grew bigger and there was more
air bubbles.
3rd The marble had disappeared into the water and there was less water in
the cup.
4th The marble grew bigger and soaked up so much water it is now made
out of water and really soft.
When you drop the marble in the cup it pulled the air into the cup and made
air bubbles. As the marble grew bigger it pushed the air bubbles to the side
of the cup. The marble adsorbed lots of water and is now made out of more
water than plastic and looks like water, that's way it's invisible.
If I got to do the experiment again I would have a bigger cup and more
water to see if the marble grows bigger.

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